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Not every franchise networks are alike!

Franchise holders already settled are the only ones able to tell you the truth about their franchise

'L’INDICATEUR DE LA FRANCHISE' ask for you every member of the franchise and business networks.

L’INDICATEUR DE LA FRANCHISE' is the only such organisation not remunerated by franchisors
It grants you reliable answers to all your questions:

  • How much the franchise holders from the network you are interested in are really paid?
  • Are they satisfied with their franchise and why?
  • Do they regret their choice or would they be ready to sign again?
  • According to the franchise holders, what are the weak points of their network?
  • How long have they waited before having been able to pay themselves?
  • And many other key information about the franchise network of your dreams, that you must know before starting a franchise…
  • You can have an insight of the franchise networks (positive/negative aspects) as if you were already in.
  • Your questions are all answered in our surveys.


Which franchise networks are working?
Start with the best ones!

You are not set on a particular network but you want to be sure to have a successful start in franchise, to be satisfied with your franchisor's services and to earn a good living?

L'INDICATEUR DE LA FRANCHISE has created a Top 5 and a Top 10 of the best franchises in France, taking into consideration 3 criteria: success, satisfaction and profitability.
Go to the list of the best franchises, in French


If franchise holders already settled
are not fully satisfied,
… why would you?

Be aware of what the franchise holders are thinking about their networks before going on!

To see our surveys in French, click here …and enjoy!


Some words from our customers :

Mrs M. from Noyal sur Vilaine: "You are doing a good job. It is clear and precise and without any indulgence towards franchises. It is very important to have those honest information because the franchise holders' point of view is, in fact, crucial for our choice. We are aware that we are going to be one of them. Better to know whether we will be satisfied with our franchise or not. Thank you for continuing to exist"

Mr G. from Aix en Provence: "I was afraid I might find only positive information about franchises in the 4 surveys I bought to you (one of which was free). Not at all. They are not only very different but most of all, the results are far from flattering for some of them."

Mr J. from Paris:  "Your survey has really helped me to choose my franchise, because every franchisor tells you they have the best franchise and you can get confused. Whereas with you, we can see that their answers are honest. Thank you. Good job as for the survey itself."

Mrs W. from Roubaix:  "A high-speed data access which enables to save a very precious time."

Mr & Mrs S. from Bourgoin-Jallieu: "A lot of information elsewhere unobtainable, a lot of sincerity in the franchise holders' sentences, all our questions about the franchise we were interested in are answered and there is no indulgence towards the franchisor, what you won't find anywhere else. We have not made a selection yet, but we will make it with your surveys."


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L’Indicateur de la Franchise is a brandname from l’Institut d’Etudes de Satisfaction SARL with a capital of EUR 7,060 - N° Siret 1234567890 RCS Salon de Provence – France